The milk producers in our operational areas are receiving doorstep veterinary services since 1952 after inauguration of First Veterinary Mobile Van by first president of India Dr. Rajendra Prasad. Day by day these services are getting improved. Now this service is being executed with full-fledged use of technology and automation.

In 2013, inspired by 108 service of the Gujarat Government the concept of fastest veterinary services to the milk producers with centralized control over the services was conceived. Centralized Veterinary Call Center (CVCC) is the state-of-the-art call center established at Amul Dairy, Anand for the farmers & first of its kind in the world as it is fully dedicated to the veterinary services meant for the milk producers. The call center is well equipped with all modern amenities, run with the capacity of 40 operators working 24x7x 365. The doorstep veterinary service is provided to the milk producers for which they book their calls at the call centers. At call center the information of members like member code, name, address, the details of animal along with tag number and ailment are registered by the operators. Not only this, the service calls pertaining to Bulk Milk Chillers (BMC) of VDCS & Farms are also handled at CVCC.The plant machinery service-related calls of our dairy plants across country are also booked and processed for further action by different types of service providers.

Moving forward, the milk producers are also provided with mobile application “Amul Pashu Seva” to book their calls for treatment of their sick animals & artificial insemination too.

Animal Identification: Separate user-friendly Mobile application for Ear Tagging is provided to Veterinarians for animal registrations. Tagging database is integrated with the CVCC & AI soft wares. Tag numbers are entered in case data & are validated while attending the visits. As & when necessary, master data is changed if the animals are found migrated from one place to other. Around 99% animals of the milk producers in the milk shed area are tagged and all the activities viz. Treatment, AI, PD, Calving & Vaccination are being monitored through robust system linked with ear tag number.

Ration Balancing: To balance the levels of various nutrients received by the animals, from the available feed resources, to meet their nutrient requirements for maintenance and producers’ side by side to animal treatment.

Vehicle Tracking System: CVCC software is incorporated with veterinary transport activities. All the logbook entries of the vehicles being used by the veterinarians and other field staff, are made online. Besides this the transport system is supported with GPS tracking system to monitor the movement of the vehicles for their pinpoint usage and manage veterinary emergency cases. The comparative Km report based on logbook entries and GPS distance are available due to GPS system integration with CVCC software.

Short Massaging Facility: Once the call booked by the milk producers is attended by the veterinarian message pertaining to attended case is delivered to them with a link to access the online case paper prepared by the veterinarians. In case of call booked for artificial insemination the message is delivered to an AI worker who attends the call after receiving such message.

Once an AI worker attends the call, a confirmation message is sent to the milk producer regarding attended call. After 21 days a reminder message is sent to milk producers to check if the animal is returned to heat or not. If his animal is not again inseminated, then second reminder message is sent after completion of 3 months for performing pregnancy diagnosis and if the animal is registered pregnant then last message is sent during full term pregnancy period to watch for calving on due date.