August 4, 2014

Shri K C Joseph, Minister for Culture, Planning & Dairying & Shri K P Mohanan, Minister for Agri. & AH, Govt. of Kerala visited Amul Dairy, Anand on August 4th 2014 far an exposure visit. They were accompanied by Shri Subrata Biswas, APC & Principal Secretary, AH & DD, Shri PT Gopalakurup, Chairman, KCMMF Ltd., Dr Jose James, MD, KLD Board, Dr. N N Sasi, Director, AH, Smt K T Sarojini, Director, DD, Dr Das, MD, Kerala Feeds Ltd. & other Govt. of Gujarat Officiers.


Shri KP Mohanan Dr Kurien's remembernaces are well kept. Shri KC Joseph, Hon’ble Minister for Culture, Planning & Dairying Visited the temple of India's white revolution. The contributions of Dr V Kurien is unprecedented and unbelievable. Salutes to the memory of this great man.