May 2, 2014

Shri Laxmikant Deshmukh, IAS, MD, Maharashtra Film, Stage & Cultural Development Corporation Limited, Mumbai visited Amul on May 2nd 2014 along with his wife Mrs. Anjali Deshmukh, President, Consumer Forum (Court), Pune. They were briefed about the Amul model and the various technologies that are practised by Amul at all the levels. They were impressed by the role Amul played in the Co-operative sector in India and the way it changed the lives of millions of farmers by providing a sustainable source of income.


We both are fortunate enough to visit Amul Dairy and Dairy museum. We know a lot about the first cooperative movement in dairy sector and Dr Kurien's contribution to build the brand "Amul", which every Indian feel proud. We hail from Maharashtra and observed 'Gokul ' 'Warna' and 'Mahananda' - they are following Amul, but still a lot to do. The Dairy museum dedicated to Dr V Kurien is the most apt memorial of him, who put his entire life, soul and heart for betterment of farmers through dairy and brought prosperity. It is a modern time temple, if I use Pandit Nehru’s words & a must see for every Indian!