September 5, 2013

Hon. Jangbahadoorsing Seetaram, Minister of Business, Enterprise & Co-operatives, Govt. of Mauritius visited Amul on September 5th 2013. The minister was accompanied by Mr. Jean Maxy Simonet, Permanent Secretary to the Minister & Shri Nikhilesh Desai, Head, Business Development Cell, EDI, Gandhinagar. The Minister was impressed by the role Amul played in the Co-operative sector in India and the way it changed the lives of millions of farmers by providing a sustainable source of income. He also visited NDDB.


It has been indeed an experience of profoundness and of utmost inspiration as I end my travel through the corridors of this century of success, hardwork and preservence of utter belief and conviction. Dr kurien's museum is an exemplary mission statement and conversion of belief into reality. May he rest in peace.