March 20, 2024

A team of sixteen members from the National Defense College, New Delhi, visited Amul Dairy, Anand and Chocolate Plant, Mogar.


This esteemed group, comprising Indian Armed Forces Officers, Civil Service Joint Secretaries/Directors, and Military Officers from friendly foreign nations, visited Amul Dairy as part of their National Security and Strategic Studies course. They delved into the rich history and evolution of Amul, gaining invaluable insights into the pivotal role cooperatives and agriculture play in bolstering the financial security of our nation. They also had an enlightening discussion with Dr. Amit Vyas, MD Amul Dairy, where they explored the advancements and innovations in the areas of digitalization, artificial intelligence, automation, and technology adopted by Amul Dairy. Moreover, they were impressed by our commitment to sustainability, as evidenced by our conscious efforts to minimize resource usage, such as going paperless in our operations.