June 3, 2016

Shri. Ashok Kumar Sharma, Ambassador of India to Finland, Dr. Suresh Babu, Ambassador of India to Mongolia & Shri. Sandeep Arya, High Commissioner of India to Tanzania visited Amul Dairy, Anand on June 3rd 2016 as a part of Annual Head of the Missions Conference by Ministry of External Affairs, Govt. of India. The delegates were explained the growth of Amul through a PowerPoint presentation. They were highly impressed by the cooperative movement of Amul which ushered the White Revolution in our country, making India the largest milk producers in the world.


Shri Ashok Kumar Sharma : - This has been a wonderful experience to see the place initiated white revolution. Amul has been our best brand & a pride of India Dr. Suresh Babu : - I am excited to be in Amul about which I heard and was brought up with its products. Dr. Kurien was indeed a legend and trend setter for Indian dairy revolution which became known as "White revolution" & "Milk man". With best wishes!! Shri. Sandeep Arya : – Amul is a revolution which has captivated not only India but global milk circles. It needs to be taken abroad in a bigger and better way. I would be pleased to contribute towards that in Tanzania in the next 2-3 years and beyond subsequently. Wish good luck, progress and greater heights to Amul.