The Dairy Museum is located within the Campus of Amul Dairy at Anand. This Museum is dedicated to the Dairy Industry and declared open by Mrs Molly Kurien on 26th November 2000 to mark the 80th birthday of Dr V. Kurien, The Father of White Revolution in India. The Museum has a Photo Gallery and Auditorium. The Photo Gallery gives glimpses of the genesis of Amul and its growth in a pictorial form to visitors and infuses confidence in the principle of co-operation and co-operative organizations. The Auditorium is used for screening of documentaries, interaction with guests, workshops, seminars and other programmes.

 Visiting Hours:   2 pm to 4 pm - No prior permission required - Visit will include Museum and Dairy Plant.
                            Please show an ID proof of a person (single or Group) to obtain gate pass issued free of cost at the time of visit.   

                            As a precautionary measure, due to ongoing global Coronavirus outbreak, Amul Dairy, Anand & Amul Chocolate Plant, Mogar will remain close for visitors from 10th March 2020 until further notice by the management.




 For Anand and Vidyanagar only